Is E-mail a defect?

Does anyone – other than Microsoft – still use ‘e-mail’, with the hyphen in? I know that historically email started out as a contraction of electronic mail, complete with a hyphen, but I think we’re well past the point of email becoming mainstream.

Here are some examples:

Going to shows email as the clear winner

Googling for ‘Apple email’, ‘Google email’ or ‘Yahoo email’ (or ‘e-mail’), the top results for each all show email without a hyphen.

Googling for ‘Microsoft email’ is the only one where the results include ‘e-mail’ – although the results themselves are inconsistent, with some instances of ‘email’ also present.

From this, it seems that the only thing keeping ‘e-mail’ as high in the rankings as it is, is that Outlook uses it, and Outlook is the most popular enterprise solution for e-mail/email. Given Microsoft are themselves inconsistent in their use, then the validity of Outlook’s usage of the word is called into question. Given all the other major tech players seem to use ‘email’, then surely this must now be the commonly accepted term?

What are your thoughts – has email supplanted e-mail yet? If not, is it on course to do so, and by when? What is the tipping point?

The reasoning behind this is to ask a simple question – if an app uses the term ‘e-mail’, is that a defect?


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